Meet the Team

Marsha A. Mason, MD, FAAP


“My goal is to provide high quality medical care in a family centered environment that gives continuity and coordination of care to the pediatric patient both in normal growth and development and in illness.”

Elizabeth Dougherty Flynn, MD, FAAP


“As a physician, the greatest gift I can receive is the trust of my patients. More than just the affirmation of my training and experience, I believe this trust is the cornerstone of the patient-physician relationship, which I consider integral to the best practice of medicine.”

Anita R. Flower, MD, FAAP


“I feel that one of the main roles I play as a pediatrician is to educate children and their parents on how to stay healthy and to help them set the stage for maintaining life-long healthy behaviors. I enjoy forming a partnership with parents and fostering their ability to make decisions about their child’s healthcare together. An educated and empowered parent is a key part of the team where good care is provided for their children.”

Wendy C. Ault, MD, MA, FAAP


“I want my patients to feel better when they leave the office whether they are better or simply are less anxious knowing that we have a plan that we have agreed upon to move them one step closer to health. I realize that there are some patients/parents who will have a clear idea of what they ‘need’ before they come to the office. I hope that they will be willing to realize or be educated to consider that sometimes – perhaps even most of the time in general pediatrics – less medicine is better and more attention to diet, exercise, and rest is a more rational approach. Working with Nature has very few side effects. That said, I am happy to intervene with whatever it takes in an emergency!!!”